Tanzania Chess League Committee

Tanzania Chess Committee works under Tanzania Chess Association which is a registered entinty under the Tanzania Laws and the principal authority for all chess activities in Tanzania. Tanzania Chess Committee deals with organizing chess league in Tanzania such as team reagistration, players listing, scheduling and updating the FIDE (World Chess Federation).

Our Mission

To popularize the chess game to an equal of any sport

Our Vision

To create a poweful chess nation in Africa

Importance of playing chess

Chess is played everyday around the world and brings people of different cultures and backgrounds together. According to World Federation, more than 600 million people worldwide play chess. Lets see some of the benefits of learning and playing chess:

  • Chess has the power to bring people together.
  • Chess helps children realize the consequence of their actions.
  • Chess is a great educational tool for schools.
  • Chess helps develop problem-solving skills.
  • Chess exercises both sides of the brain.

Chess LeagueCommittee

The committee members of Tanzania Chess league have vast experience in chess and other industries which makes them the best team to deliver the league project.

CM Nurdin Hassuji

League Director

Rashid Mansour

League Asst. Director

Mustafa Ibrahim