a board game of strategic skill for two players, played on a chequered board on which each playing piece is moved according to precise rules. The object is to put the opponent's king under a direct attack from which escape is impossible ( checkmate )

We have several chess tutors who teach chess. Please contact us through our email info@chessleague.co.tz to link you up with tutors

Schools are great place to introduce kids to the game of chess. In Tanzania, Tanzania Chess Association has taken initiative to promote the game of chess in schools. There are many schools which benefit from this program in different regions such as Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Morogoro, Mbeya, Arusha, Moshi and etc.

We have several ways to one can get updates and thats through social media, Tanzania Chess Association website or through chess league website.

Instagram: tanzaniachessleague

Facebook Page: Tanzania Chess League

Twitter: @chess_league

Please check with Tanzania Chess Association for any upcoming tournaments. Here is the link website www.taca.co.tz

You can register direct from our website. On the main menu click Players > Register Online. Fill the form and submit and you will eventually register yourself to play the league.

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