• League: Tanzania Chess League
  • Fee : Free For Anyone
  • Start Date : January-2019
  • Status : Registration
  • Contact : info@chessleague.co.tz

Tanzania Chess League

Tanzania Chess Committee working under Tanzania Chess Association welcomes all players around Tanzania to participate and make history in the first ever chess league that starts January, 2019.


Since its initial stage and we are registering players and teams , some rules and regulations are subject to change. Please see the rules and regulations for the upcoming league as follows:

  • The Tanzania Chess League is the principal team contest organized by Tanzania Chess Association.
  • The competition will be held for 6 months (2nd Sunday of the month)
  • General FIDE (World Chess Federation) playing rule applies
  • The league will be FIDE (Word Chess Feredation) rated
  • Each team should be comprise on 5 players out of this 1 should be junior under 18 and 1 should be female.
  • Each team should have a captain either playing or none playing and he will be responsible to communicate with Organizers / Arbiters.
  • The team captain will be responsible for sending a team roster (Fixed Board order) one week before the tournament start to Tournament Director in a plain seal envelope. The board order will be subject for verification and approval by Organizing Committee (We urge the captains to submit a Fixed board order as per strength of the players in ascending order.
  • The board order will remain same throughout the competition.
  • Minimum number of players to start a match should be 3
  • Time control should be 90 min plus 30 min extra after 40 move and 30 sec inc per move from move 1
  • The Swiss pairing of 12 rounds (May subject to change, depend on number of team registers)
  • . Provisionally 12 swiss rounds will be played, however it’s subject to change depending on the number of team registers.
  • Each team should have uniform, which they are eligible to wear during the match.
  • Players are urged to wear a decent dress during the play, shorts are not allowed for men’s and short dresses for women.